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26th September 2014 - Yes, you can still enjoy free coffee & cake at John Lewis!

Free coffee and cake at John Lewis

Contrary to popular belief you can still get free coffee and cake when you take out a myjohnlewis membership card. What has changed is that it is no longer offered every month. The latest deal we have seen is you receive free coffee and cake (worth up to a fiver) plus a free £5 voucher (when you spend £50) when you first join.

John Lewis also promise special previews, rewards and invitations to exclusive events. Every £1 you spend will earn you an entry into their fabulous prize draws. So this is one freebie to help you save, earn and win that you don't want to miss!

See more details here

24th July 2014 - Discount holiday breaks on offer

Cheap holiday offers

Though you might be happily basking in glorious sunshine, you never know when the next rain shower is around the corner. So enjoy it whilst it lasts, but also start planning your next holiday. If you are banking on a blazing hot summery August in England think about a staycation or short-break. For those more battle hardened sun worshippers head to he hotspots of Europe and further afield. Here are the best offers to help you track down those holiday bargains:

  • Travelzoo - Sign-Up to see the weekly Top 20 travel deals. The best holiday offers often sell out before the week is over.
  • Cheapflights - Not just cheap flights but cheap holidays too. Sign-up to get the best ones in your inbox before everyone else sees them.
  • Secret Escapes - Fancy a bit more luxury? But don't want to pay luxury prices. Some beautiful locations to check out at up to 70% discount off the rack rate.
  • - Prefer to browse the holiday bargains on your mobile. Then this is a great app for both iphone and Android users to find the best deals easily.

31st May 2014 - Are you a foodie? But can't resist a freebie? This is for you.

Have you checked out our free food and drink offers section recently? There is no shortage of new free food offers available from free meal vouchers to tasty food boxes delivered to your door for free. Here are the latest food offers for you to sample:

And if you enjoyed those free food offers, you'll enjoy a free drink at your local pub. As ever it's free - just sign-up.

24th April 2014 - Which TV streaming service is the best?

Compare the best TV streaming on demand services

There is a bewildering array of new TV services that provide on-demand TV streamed to your TV set, tablet and mobile device.

Which service is the best? Well it depends on what you want... Take a look at the options:

  • Blinkbox - Rent and buy option of latest movies
  • Netflix - get exclusive TV shows and wide range of films
  • Amazon Prime - formerly lovefilm and has a massive choice of over 50,000 films to rent as a DVD or stream live to your home
  • - a newer online service with fewer titles but you can sign-up for free and looks simple to use
  • Now TV - basically Sky Movies without the commitments. They offer a 30 day free trial.
  • Google Chromecast - uses a USB style plug-in offer services like youtube and netflix access on your TV

All the streaming services have pro's and cons, which is why we've listed the best free trials for TV on-demand streaming. A free trial of the service usually involves a short sign-up process to give you 30 days free access so you can watch tonnes of films and get used to how it works before making any commitments. Remember to cancel the trial if you are not happy, otherwise it will continue to run and you will be billed monthly. We tested out Now TV in this way and were so pleased the the quality, choice of films and ease of use we've kept it going but can still cancel at any time.

10th March 2014 - How to get paid most for online survey jobs

Top five tips to make money from online surveysMarket Research has come a long way since the 1980's where being approached by a rep with a clipboard in the local high street was an everyday event. Fast forward to 2014 and there are about 30-40 reputable online survey brands that will pay you to sign-up to their panel.

The survey payments range from one pound to up to a fiver per survey and even more if you are prepared to spend an hour as part of a group where payments of up to £20 are common. All you need is the spare time to complete surveys and the money will come rolling in - the more surveys you can manage, the more you get paid - simple.

Here are our top five money making survey tips to maximise your freelance survey job income:

  1. Be truthful about your profile - if you get caught out by not giving honest answers (they do cross-check) then you will limit the amount you can earn as you may not receive surveys in future.
  2. Set aside enough time to complete a survey. Always allow up to five minutes extra than they say. There is nothing worse than having to leave a survey half-way through which means your chance to earn easy survey cash could be gone.
  3. Join as many panels as you can - many surveys are exclusive to each panel so in order to increase your chance of participation in all the surveys, join them all. Remember to always click the confirmation link as soon as you join to get the welcome bonus and confirm your membership
  4. Use a dedicated email address - it is worth using a specific email address for all your surveys, this makes it easier to manage the flow of surveys coming your way and you can tick them off as you go along. Be aware that many surveys use PayPal to issue your vouchers and cash so make sure this email address is linked to it.
  5. Treat it like a freelance job - if you are organised and use your time well, then it won't eat into your free-time and stop you doing other things. Plus if you are efficient then your effective hourly pay rate will sky rocket.

Start earning by checking out this useful selection of online paid surveys today.

24th February 2014 - Money Saving Advice and Tips

Money saving has become a way of life for many families today not a choice. To be honest there is very little reason to pay full price for anything these days. Loads of companies are falling over themselves to offer free samples, free trials, discount vouchers and even pay you to try out their latest stuff. You just have to know where to look. That's why we've arranged our favourite money savers and free stuff offers in neat little categories. Pick the one that you need to save money on first below:

Money saving should not only make you richer, it can also be fun trying to find out how much you can save every week. There are hundreds of pounds to be saved by taking up the offers on our site. Have fun!

20th February 2014 - WhatSup! first FlappyBirds and now WhatsApp

‚ÄčIt seems like the world has gone app crazy over the past few weeks. First, we hear the fiendishly difficult FlappBirds got pulled from the App store by its maker, but not before it was making a reported $50,000 a day in advertising. Now Facebook has shelled out $20 billion (16bn in stock and 4bn in cash) for WhatsApp.

You can't deny the popularity of these apps which is reason free apps are so cool nowadays both for business and us, the bargain hunting public.

There are some amazing apps out there for entertainment (Star Wars) and sheer damn usefulness (Around me). As a young boy, I can remember shelling out all my hard earned weekly pocket money to buy the latest games (Atari & Commodore, as it happens).

Now you can try the best games for free and if you want to advance to higher levels in the game or get rid of advertising then, it's just pay a few pence or pounds to do so.

We've complied our favourite ones in the Free App Store for your viewing and gaming pleasure and remember, as always, they are totally free to download on either iPhone or Android.

17th February 2014 - The BAFTA's - did you guess correctly?

It surely can't come much of a surprise to see '12 Years a Slave' and 'Gravity' scoop the big wins at the BAFTA's last night.

The big shocker were the mind numbing (almost torturous) acceptance speeches. There's no worse thing that seeing a great actor get awards for reading a beautifully worded script to arrive on stage with his own script scrawled on a piece of paper (i.e. back of a fag packet) and deliver what appears to be only a list of closest friends, family and colleagues which you'd imagine would not need to be written down in the first place!

What are the potential winning films for 2015 BAFTA's?

- maybe we have already seen the winner for next year. Let's just hope, the actor or director in question can have the sense to employ a good scriptwriter to pen the acceptance speech!

If you want to be sure of seeing the best films in advance, it's a good idea to get yourself invited to these advance screenings in order to be first on the list. We like this sign-up offer from Vue which gives you first dibs at these events and other discounts and freebies.

1st January 2014 - What makes us love a good Sign-Up?

Sign-Ups come in many forms on the internet from high fashion brands such as Gucci & Prada to shopping outlets such as Wiggle & H&M. It seems every company is interested in sending your their best offers and they are prepared to go to some crazy lengths to encourage you to sign-up. Our favourite Sign-Up incentives include:

  • Exclusive invites - to shows and pre-sales events. Here's how to get access to the best deals on stuff at Liberty
  • Free stuff - yes brands are even prepared to give you freebies in exchange for signing up. You can get access to free tickets to top TV Shows and other celebrity events.
  • Offers - once you are on their list, brands prefer to share their best deals only to people they know are interested rather than put them on general sale, as they are often in limited supply. So if you're a fan of Ben Sherman or Ted Baker make sure you put your name down.
  • Ways to make money - they are many free ways to make money just by spending time online. It could be for taking part in market research, watching videos or even reading emails.
  • Free product trials - It's so cool to be able to try stuff out before you part with your cash. How about a 30 day free trial of Now TV. You could watch 30 box office films for nothing!
  • Free App's - some of the best app's are completely free! Whether you're into running with Runkeeper or want to store all your photo's for free in the cloud. Maybe you perfer playing games. They are all here in the free app store. Just make sure you download the correct version depending if you have an iPhone/iPad or Android phone or tablet from the App Store or Google play, respectively.

As you can see there is so much free stuff to be had for very little effort. You just have to know where to look, well at least you did, until brought together all the best most highly rated offers on one site. We update the site daily with the new and latest offers making sure you always have new way to save, earn and win something from big brands every day.

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